What is Bounceless.io?

Bounceless is the easiest way to remove hard bounces, verify email lists, and increase your list’s ROI.

What is e-mail verification good for?

The e-mail address is often the first thing your user and hopefully soon-to-become customer provides to you. Remember, your lists are as good as their deliverability. If you don’t pass spam filters, you’re not making money! Our features help you to filter for mistyped e-mail addresses and for fake ones. Avoid all the bouncing by verifying your contact list!

Why to choose you? What makes you better than your competitors?

we created a very friendly interface for non-technical users that we think stands out. Second our support level is unparalleled, we don’t open tickets, and we talk live. Third we’re more accurate, rooting out more false addresses then anyone in the business. Fourth, we’re faster. Fifth, we offer the same features.

How do I sign up?

It is very easy, just click on the sign up button in the top right corner and give your name and e-mail address. You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail and you are good to go.

How do I login?

You can either use the login button in the top right corner or the link http://app.bounceless.io/login

How can I use my account?

We designed an easy to use interface for you. Furthermore you receive an easy built in Tour Guide to show you the main features. You can restart this short Tour Guide from Help at the left bottom of the page after login.

What if I need help on the way?

Check out Help Center at the left bottom of the page after login, there you find our Documentation with more details or contact can on live chat.

What services do you provide?

Our services include email deduplication, spam-trap removal, risk validation, MTA validation, domain validation, complainers verification, syntax verification and e-mail bounce removal up to 99.9%. Check out more under Features on our website.

How does it work?

You can verify emails within your application or website via our real-time API to avoid email-entry mistakes, spamming and to offer a better experience for your users. Check out our Documentation for more details.

Can I check my e-mail list that I have in a separate file?

Sure! You can simply import your TXT or CSV list in your bounceless.io account for verification.

How Can I Upload My Email Lists?

On the dashboard, you have the “Upload File" option. Click on it and you will see how you can easily upload your files.

How Fast Will You Process My Lists?

It depends on factors such as list size and quality. We use the best tools and practices in the industry to guarantee quick list processing. Processing time takes somewhere between30 to 120 minutes.

How Secure Are My Uploaded Lists?

We secure data transmission through a 256-bit SSL protocol. Your data is encrypted and stored under the rules of our privacy policy and is only accessible by someone with login credentials.

How much e-mail verification cost?

You start with 100 free credits as soon as you register, then you pay as you go. Check out prices here.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. Signing up for a free plan doesn’t require a credit card. You need one however to upgrade to a paying plan.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay with American Express, Visa, Mastercard Bank. We use Paypro Global as our payment processing system.

How Do I Get Billed?

Payment for plans occurs on your account’s monthly anniversary. You’ll be billed automatically on your credit card.

Can I upgrade my plan any time?

You can upgrade your plan anytime if you need more verifications, this is the advantage of our flexible Pay As You Go plan. you can purchase only what you need.

What happens when I use my 100 verification?

You won’t be able to verify anymore emails, until you upgrade to a paying plan.

What happens if I do not use my credits? Do credits expire?

No, they do not.

What to do if I need technical support?

Within the app, you’ll find the Help Center section that provides everything you need to know in order to use Bounceless, including step-by-step instructions, and you can also contact our support tea.

How can I contact you?

You can use our chat function when being in your account or you can email us at team@bounceless.io; you can also call us on +1-310-956-4293

On which languages can I contact you?

We are available for communication in English and French.